Most Cited JNFA

The most cited top 5 articles published since 2012, extracted from ISI Web of Knowledge:


Iterations for equilibrium and fixed point problems

Volume 2013, Article ID 4

J.H. Chen


Strong convergence of a viscosity iterative algorithm in Hilbert spaces

Volume 2014, Article ID 1

Mingliang Zhang


On iterative solutions of a common element problem

Volume 2014, Article ID 3

Sun Young Cho, Shin Min Kang


Shrinking projection methods for systems of mixed variational inequalities of Browder type, systems of mixed equilibrium problems and fixed point problems

Volume 2014, Article ID 15

Zi-Ming Wang, Xiaomei Zhang


Second-order optimality conditions for vector equilibrium problems

Volume 2015, Article ID 6

Tran Van Su